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Louis P. Solomon is a dynamic speaker who has worked and spoken in government, industry, and academia. He has an engaging and humorous style of speaking. While the information he imparts is real, valuable, and easy to understand, he presents it with a light touch punctuated with small humorous asides. He doesn’t take himself too seriously!

He is a principal and the founder of
LCG, a consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. LCG has relations with people from all parts of the business and government communities. The firm's motto is: Whatever your problem, we can solve it.
Solomon (Ph.D. from UCLA (1965) in Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, and Electromagnetic Theory) has started successful consulting firms in technology, has led research and development studies in the area of video teleconferencing for multiple users over the Internet, has written eight books, four of which are novels, and has started a publishing house, Pearl River Publishing, and a Family Legacy Book Publishing Service, LifeEchoes. He has over 40 years experience in program management, business development, and systems engineering within industry, government, and academia. He is thoroughly familiar with all phases of system development from conception through advanced technology within the extended defense community.

During his long and multifaceted career he has spoken to many types of audiences. He has developed several different focused presentations which directly address the issues that are faced by industry and government every day. He can speak to your organization using one, some, or all of the presentations. Detailed information about each presentation is available upon request.

He charges a negotiable fee plus expenses.