Brief the Great Leader (20 minutes)
You have 20 minutes to tell the Great Leader what to do. Your future rests on your performance. How you can always be successful once you understand how the system works everywhere!
Hire and Use Consultants Successfully (30 minutes)
Hiring consultants and freelancers is becoming a common practice in industry and government. But almost all firms and consultants complain about their bad experiences. This presentation will teach you how to get exactly what you need and make the client and the consultant love one another.
Plan a Web Site that Meets Your Needs (40 minutes)
Every firm, government office, and individual has a web page. But many of them are terrible. And some of them are wonderful. How you can control your own web page and get exactly what you want. No technical or artistic skill required; but you actually need to think about what you want to tell your web site visitors!
Solve Organizational Problems: Management Conferences (20 minutes)
All organizations have skills and ideas. But how can they be integrated and focused using senior management, board members, technical experts, and important consultants? Use Structured Management Conferences. This presentation explains what they are, how to use them, and why they will work.
Write and Evaluate Successful Proposals and Grants (20 minutes)
A great deal of business is done through competitive proposals and grants. But many firms don’t know how to respond. A thorough understanding of the process, what steps to take, and how to meet the requirements will enhance your success.
Design, Construct, and Give an Effective Brief (30 minutes)
Briefs are a popular method to impart information to organizations and small groups. Successful presentations have common characteristics: crispness, clarity, and focus. Yours can be that way.
Hire and Fire Personnel, Gracefully without Pain (15 minutes)
The subject everyone dreads. You love hiring: do you do it correctly? Everyone hates firing people, but it can be done gracefully, without rancor and bad feelings on both sides? Yes, and here is how to do it.
Money: Its Uses and Control (20 minutes)
The Use and Control of Money in all phases of life is important. The process of making sure that your firm is always in control of its funds is relatively easy and straightforward. This presentation tells you how to handle your internal and external financial resources.
Business Plans: How to construct them and Why they are Important (30 minutes)
Having a Business Plan is critical to your business success. Yet only 40% of firms have them. Those that do have them do better and go faster than those that do not. Building a Business Plan is hard work; but it is vital and you can do it. This presentation tells you how to build a Business Plan that will help you achieve success.
Risks: Dangers in the Weeds (20 minutes)
Risks must be considered and steps taken to ameliorate them Not knowing about those risks hiding in the weeds can stifle the growth of your company and even kill it. Worst of all are those risks that are unknown: you don’t know what you don’t know. This presentation will tell you how to deal with potentially dangerous risks in different areas of business: competition, product development, marketing, financial, people, and unknowns.
Concept and Implementation of a Virtual Distributed Office (60 minutes)
Keeping staff in these days of high fuel prices and long and difficult commutes is becoming a serious issue for all information focused companies. Successful distributed companies use existing technology and several easy to use software tools. They make small but significant changes in how team leaders and team members interact with each other and do their work, even though they are distributed and connected electronically. Enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and contented, stable staff is the result. Here is how to do it.
Teleworking-Work from Anywhere! (30 minutes)
Teleworking is here. The technology has improved so that clear, reliable, fast, secure communications are available from anywhere. The power of today’s technology can be married to modest changes in the way organizations work. Organizations increase their productivity, decrease their operating costs, and let everyone increase their efficiency and enjoy their jobs to the fullest. This presentation will explain how to implement it in your organization with ease and minimum turmoil.